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About Us

Slices Pizzeria is a Miami Art Deco themed pizzeria, the ambience of the newly built pizzeria is delightful. Slices is located in one of the newer shopping centers of Selden, alongside the owner’s, Gene Cella & John Rose’s other 3 successful businesses Cella Bagels, Sky Tan, and Jazz Audio. Slices Pizza Boutique is not a very common pizzeria name, and the reasoning behind the name stems from the idea that when you walk into a pizzeria you ask for a slice, or a couple of slices, and as for “pizza boutique”, it’s just a way of expressing the fact that we have a unique, fully loaded, delicious selection of specialty slices to choose from so it’s like being in a boutique for pizza. Slices is to have a different concept than the surrounding pizzerias in this area. Not only does slices specialize in making specialty slices but they also make brick oven pizza.

Slices is new to the area but not new to the industry! Co-Owner Matt Rappa who’s been in the pizzeria industry since he’s 15 and now the owner of his 3rd pizzeria in the last 6 years, has helped steer Gene & John into the pizzeria industry with his great knowledge of Italian Cuisine and his passion exemplified by the success of his other two pizzerias. Gene, John and Matt know and love their Italian food, being they all come from traditional Italian family’s and now it’s time for them to share their appreciation for the finer Italian cuisine by serving the Selden and surrounding towns with the best quality food, nice sized portions, already reasonable prices with unbeatable deals, and more importantly amazing customer service.

As the 3 owners set forth on this journey, they have high expectations for their new business adventure of Slices Pizza Boutique, they are confident in their product and hope for the customers to enjoy their food as much as they do! If you do not have time to stop in to Slices Pizza Boutique located at 1198 Middle Country Road in Selden, keep in mind that delivery is always an option at Slices Pizza Boutique. Gene, Johnny, and Matt look forward to creating an outstanding reputation for their pizzeria, and they will settle for nothing less than the best!